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The Making of Kid’s Book: Merpug

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All weekend, I worked on a kind of kid’s book for a friend’s b-day based on this story. After a few pages of sketching, I finally was satisfied with one version of this merpug. Then I couldn’t really draw it again. So instead, I traced a dozen more like it. I tried to make its smile different though to give it different expressions.

Unfortunately, some of the other pugs have Prince Valiant hairstyles. I’m a little embarrassed for them.


See Yourself in a Fictional Character?

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Type: ENFP, The Advocate

Category: Idealists

Attributes: cooperative, energetic, bright

Typical Careers: consultants, reporters, politicians

In literature: ENFPs are likely to dabble in a ton of activities, excelling in many of them. They thrive on thrilling experiences and relationships, and their optimism makes them susceptible to deceit, like the romantic and skillful Edmond Dantès from “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Another perfect example is Brett Ashley from “The Sun Also Rises.”

Check the Huffington Post’s list of the fiction book characters associated with each personality type

Snoopy’s Great American Novel Inspires: Comicbook Legend Revealed

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I’m so grateful for stumbling upon this because I didn’t know what to write for today’s drabble.

Over at ComicBookResources.com, there’s a series called “Comic Legends Revealed”. The second legend revealed in their 273rd post is:`

COMIC LEGEND: Len Wein came up with an amusing tribute to Snoopy’s Great American Novel in a Batman short story he did with Walt Simonson.


“It was a dark and stormy night” first appeared at the beginning of novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1830 novel, Paul Clifford. It has become one of the most famous example of “purple prose” ever.

In July of 1965, Charlie Brown’s dog, Snoopy, first began working on his novel, and sure enough, the phrase opened his work.

Check out the rest of the post, complete with both Snoopy’s Great American Novel and the Batman short it inspired.

Hoping For an Adrian Tomine Moment

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Going to my monthly New Yorker Magazine meetup.com group tonight.

A bunch of middle-aged ladies who want to gossip about politics and me in the Central Market cafe. Too bad Dart (our tram system) rarely has two tracks passing each other or I could maybe live this, my favorite cover moment (by Adrian Tomine), on the way.

I haven’t finished any of the stories in the past month’s additions. Ever interrupt your reading to start writing whateversomething the reading has suddenly inspired?

Promise of the Next Dream

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You must check out Craig Thompson’s Blankets (and ALL of his other work). GO!

I’d love to collaborate on a graphic novel someday.

COMIC: Spirit No Longer Alone on Mars

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The Poem Meant to Outlive You

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I am both inspired and blown away by poet Christian Bök’s latest project: encoding a poem into the genetic structure of a bacterium “such that even when the cell replicates itself, the RNA will encode a second, mirroring poem.”

Stated in the article, as “Jeremy Colaneglo writes for Open Book Toronto:

In order for this experiment to work, the two sonnets need to be mutually transposable according to a “bijective” substitution-cipher, where each letter is mutually switched for another. So far, only the opening lines of these poems have been published — “any style of life / is prim…” for the first; and “the faery is rosy / of glow…” for the second. Even in these small sections you can see the substitution at work: for example, the letters E and Y are mutually correlated with each other across the two poems, so that wherever the letter E appears in one text, the letter Y appears in the other. In order to write these poems, Bök created a computer program which, when given one of the eight trillion-or-so possible ciphers, produced a list of words that were mutually transposable according to this scheme. In our interview, Bök said that the largest list produced by his program was “about 800″ words long, and the list used for his poems was “slightly more than 100.”

Hmmm. I’m sure when I get to a point in life when I want to try something like this, it will be so “done”. There will be whole libraries of petri dishes full of such poems. If the bacteria evolved into animals, we could feel clever by pointing out that their ‘walking poetry’. (Of course, I know that evolution takes millions of years.)

About ‘walking poetry’, though; maybe all living things already are.

Hello, Quiet, Puny Blog. Time To Build You Up

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Well, I both forgot and ignored you. I’ve been writing and living and watching TV.

I haven’t been mindful of you. Although time has not been wasted, I now have plans for this space: WRITE A STORY A DAY.

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When I look over my neglected blog, born just a short time ago yet still neglected by me so much, I think, welp, let’s make sure I have a husband and nearby friends for when I want to raise a baby. Days will pass. I’ll look around at how my husband has rearranged the furniture and while I’m rearranging everything back, I’ll see a rattle or the credit card that I used to help pay for said baby or I’ll pull my iPod ear phones out long enough to hear a scream, and I’ll gasp, Oh! Baby! Baby? Has it been eating?

Blog! Blog?

So I learned this week that when an insurance provider finally gets around to declaring your wrecked car totaled, they stop paying for your rental. Should’ve called the lawyer back to see what she was eager to tell me before I was charged for a week of car rental. Thankfully, somehow, the insurance valued my car and will cut me a check for $2000 more than I originally paid for my car used six years ago. I’m not challenging how that works. Just very happy that when I’ve finally settled, I’ll be able to buy a bicycle, replace a frying pan I accidentally set on fire, pay off some debts. Just begin again…a little.

Wish that I had a bicycle for this inbetween time of finishing treatment while carless and unsettled, though. I could peddle to the tram and ride that tram anywhere: the suburb above me, the suburb below me, Heaven, Dallas gang areas. I’ll just peddle from the station, big smile.

Speaking of peddling, I met my friend, M’s, riding group. (Yes, I know I’ve never mentioned M but you really don’t need back story on here yet. We met in college, though. Apparently she thought I was an asshole and I thought that she was a bitch.) M’s group speeds all over Dallas. Sometimes in formation, like geese. (At least, in my head.) She finally just moved to downtown Dallas from a suburb so that she could be less than a mile from home after the peddling and bar hopping.

I met them all at one’s divorce party (more on that someday). Raucous, horny, goofy group. I liked almost everyone that I met.

There was this one guy though. I’m not so sure about him. He’s M’s new guy. But not really her guy because she doesn’t want to use labels…or date a cyclist then have the whole group in their drama.

So this is her third guy from the group.

I met him really fast. He said, “Hi,” then explained his nickname, then walked off to text M for the rest of the night even though he could’ve just stayed standing next to her. I would’ve mingled. There was champagne and cake. But only on the first night. The second night, no one was celebrating divorce or celebrating meeting me. We bar hopped instead.

At the first bar, we met with some people. I sat next to this big brother type in the group who I immediately liked the first time we met. You know, the strong yet sensitive type you know will be there to fix your toilet or change your tire once you’ve become good friends, even if it’s in the middle of a summer day beside the highway. (Not a good place for your toilet. Oh, not funny? Well, there are more bad jokes to accost you so BE WARNED). He was eating chilli. So I ordered vegan chilli and Fritos. We sang along to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

M’s guy was sitting on the other side of the long table. I didn’t recognize him in his helmet. But then, would I really have known him after such a short chat? We didn’t make out.

He slid next to M, who was sitting across from me. He didn’t say much to me. Just to her. That’s cool. I was having my own fun like I do. But when I looked back over, he was eating my chili. He had my spoon up to his mouth and was hoovering the top of the spoonful into his mouth, not touching his lips to the spoon. He then laid my spoon back on top of my chili.

Now I’m not a germaphobe. If I had known him, I wouldn’t have minded. Maybe. But I didn’t know him. He’s some guy who wants to get in my friend’s pants. Nothing wrong with that. But why does my chili have to be involved?

When he saw my look, he explained, “I didn’t touch the spoon.” I said something really silly like, “that’s okay. You can just pay for my tip.” He said, “ummm,” then rolled his eyes.

He apologized later, opened a door for me, then walked off. I told him that he didn’t have to impress me. I don’t have any final say on whether or not M should keep a casual or serious thing going. But he didn’t have to try to be unimpressive.

Glad this is just some casual thing. Though I now want him to do that to every one of our mutual friends to see their reactions. I may use part of my settlement money to arrange this. Because my credit card bill isn’t that out-of-control yet. Not like I’ve paid for a baby.

Dada daa daa da da

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Happy 13th anniversary of your 50th birthday today, Mom!

One of her favorite movies is Lady and the Tramp, wrapped here in construction paper with construction paper balloons for whimsy at 3am because after a few too many beers, I’d forgotten to pick up a gift bag on my way home.

But I remembered bananas.

Very important.

Highlights of the weekend:

  1. A divorce party at a local movie theater
  2. Meeting my friend, M’s, bicycle riding group
  3. Arriving just in time on M’s moving day to help her make her bed in her new apartment and go out with her bike group again for drinks
  4. Kind of meeting M’s new fling, who ate a spoonful of my vegan chili at one of the bars last night when I’d turned my head
  5. Cute bartender at quiet bar who shared his salmon spread whatever with me because I called him cute (but actually I called the little man on the beer tape cute…but the bartender was also really cute…with beard)
  6. Realizing it was the weekend of M
  7. Helping to report a break in

I thank my actually eventful weekend for a few upcoming entries. Not that I haven’t been writing away all weekend on the non-non-fiction.

Temporary Working Guy

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Every job that I’ve had has been seasonal or temporary in it’s own way.

On my resume, it’s the same answer after reason for leaving? I enjoy the change. This passed year, I’ve been a zombie in a haunted attraction, a spring garden planter specialist, a receptionist in a tax office, a manny while the family was looking for someone more perminant. I’ll even be paid to recover from a drunk driver wrecking me. Didn’t even need to apply for that one. Word of bumper.

On Tuesday, I return to the tax office.Though it’s a full-time job, the boss actually calls me part-time because he has another receptionist who he’s employed for several years. She prefers to go home around early afternoon. And to only work Monday-Wednesday. He has another lady, his neighbor actually, who answers the phone from her home and schedules appointments. So I’m more an office assistant and a coffeemaker. But he calls me his part-time receptionist because he’s used to that title being associated with that work. The job is easy and the biggest perk: when he was late arriving for his first appointment and I was waiting in front of the locked door when the client arrived, I would offer to drive the client quickly to grab lunch or breakfast or coffee somewhere close, and they would always insist that they get me something. Always. Lots of free food. Lots of, “You need to fatten up” comments.

On my last day last year, as I filled out the last of the extensions for people who hadn’t been…well, y’all know why people ask for extensions…the boss came up to me a said, “Jake, you’re smarter than you act.”

I ummm…what?”

You could do taxes. You don’t need to be applying for receptionist jobs. You’re smarter than that.”

And his opinion of his full-time receptionist is…?

“Well,” I answered, “I don’t mind learning more but it’s not a career that I’m interested in.”

He said, “Well. Maybe I was wrong.”

That was the only occasion when I thought, “Glad this is seasonal.” 

First Snow!

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Maybe if I didn’t live in a place where it melted on impact, I’d have a photo to share.