About Jake Richert



I am the author of this blog, the fictions and the non-fictions. Blame ME.

What’s my story?

One night, at the same place, at the same time, both of my parents were struck by lightning.

I was born.

Once they had waved the steam from their faces and located me, they flecked off the char from my babiness like I was a roasted eggplant, and took me to their home.

True story. You read it here. When I die, I can still make into a better baba ganoush than most of the eggplants you’ll find in your grocery.

I have just as much fun writing and skipping around my internal worlds as I do making a life with my wonderful friends and family. There’s a lot to worry about in the world, and when the world gets too worrying, my mind takes off.

These are my real life stories and first drafts of fiction that I’m putting out there to keep  myself writing. Feel free to rip me a 3-bedroom-2 bath-with-garage new one in the comment sections of the fiction.

Feel free to add me to Tumblr: mindhiatus.tumblr.com

A Goodreads is planned soon. Maybe an author Facebook page someday. Who knows how carried away I’ll get.


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