Not to Jonah Lehrer you, but…

In Non-Fiction on August 15, 2012 at 3:45 PM

For a little while now, I’ve been posting little personal life episodes to my Tumblr instead of here. When I logged into this larger format, I wanted to gush about so many things that honestly I didn’t want to share (whether others wanted to read or not, I would not assume to know), and so, not only did I hesitate, I forgot my password. The larger format, the large blank white space begged for me to type furiously.

Specifically, I didn’t want to type about the inconvenience of my December car wreck, the life experience of realizing that it only takes one incident (with little physical injury) to hurl you into financial frustration, or go off on the sometimes funny (mostly boring and tedious) tangents that I could go on. There are so many words for the experience. Unfortunately for my friends, there existed no lexical gap for the experience.

I’ll save all of that for a novel or something with funnier dialogue.

You know your tangents are boring when your good friends keep wanting to go to movies instead of doing anything else every time you get together. Basically, let’s spend the couple of hours that we have to hang in a dark, crowded space where we are basically forbidden to talk (you, Jake, are basically forbidden to talk) and barely have to interact. Then let’s grab a quick coffee at Barnes and Noble. We can point at anything and everything to start some other kind of conversation.

Okay, okay…it hasn’t quite been like that every time. And I’m not as sensitive (maybe) as the above reads. (Maybe.) Plenty of fun times have occurred. The very social life that I enjoyed living, afforded with a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, mobilized by a decent, dependable car disappeared, though.

But now life begins anew.

I’ve settled with the insurance company of the drunk driver who hit me.

I’m beginning my last semesters of college after an unnecessarily long break.

I’m writing new works every day instead of slaving over the old works (I need to return to them with fresh eyes).

I have a car (!!!) after eight months (the rental I was given for a month DOESN’T really count, yet I appreciated it).

And, I’m working steadily.

So what about this Jonah Lehrer business?

Though I’ll be writing new entries about my present and future life, I’m going to recycle (does ‘upcycle’ have a better ring?) entries posted onto my Tumblr. Hopefully no one will fire me for re-publishing my words from somewhere else. Hopefully no one will call me a fraud or liar (though, if the comment is about my fiction, “fabricator” is okay. I guess.) Only the words that are stories, though, of course–brief episodes and conversations over-heard.

Or maybe in a week, I’ll think that’s a miss-guided idea and stop.


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