Formal (August 30-Day Writing Challenge)

In Fiction on August 12, 2012 at 8:49 AM

(10th in this challenge)

(It’s actually flash fiction this time. Hooray!)

She’d promised him something amazing and dangerous.

“This isn’t the way we’re supposed to do it,” he whispered, fumbling with his belt, fixated on her belt loops.

“Come on. We’ll be fine,” she said. She was half-lost in the site over the edge of the hill of the spring forest, taking in the smells of blossoms.

“We have no protection,” he said, looking down.

“What are you worried about?”

“You want a list?”

“We’ve been friends forever. You know me. You know me.”

“But it can still be…dangerous.”

“Dangerous! What are you saying?”

“I’ve just heard things, about, you know?”


“About the other guys you’ve brought here to—”

“All lies. They just had such a great time they don’t want anyone else to.”

“Oh, is that it?”

“You know me.”


“We’re going to do this?”

“Yeah, let’s—”

“Well don’t get too excited.”

“How long will it last?”

“HA. That depends on you.”

“Umm no—you’re the one with the control.”

“You’re the one with the control, big boy.”

“What if it happens too fast?”

“Like I said before: just use your mind to help you draw things out.”

“And if that doesn’t work?”

“You’re not the only guy wanting to—”


“Ready? We have to be in sync, okay? We have to both focus on this.”


“Alright. Ready?”

“Give me a minute. I’m nervous.”

“No. No minute. In or out?”


“Hold on to me.”

“Like this?”

“No. Like this.”

“Okay. That’s kind of uncomfortable, though.”

“Not for me.”

“Thanks. Guess, I’m ready.”

“Alright. Alright. Alright.”

She leapt from the hilltop, sprouting wings. He dangled from his belt tied to her as they soared over the forest.

“Why did you…talk me into…thiiisss?!”

“Just keep imaging what’s happening. Keep imaging!”

I thought, “If we were not following procedure formally what would I say?” Something like, “This isn’t the way we’re supposed to do it.” Then I took off.

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