Putting Myself Out There…Over There, Too

In Uncategorized on February 5, 2012 at 7:04 PM

So I found a couple of writing contests (fiction and non-fiction) to which I really want to submit. Whether or not the pieces that I really want to submit are what the judges will be looking for isn’t really the biggest motivation.

You gasp? You shake your head? I know, I know. I may not be published yet but I’ve seen the scheming. Y’all come to submitting for contests like anyone on Project Runway or Top Chef. You figure out what you can submit that the judges will love that still has your style and flare.

I’ll work that way soon.

This time in my life, having a reason to revise and polish the piece is the perfect motivation to finish. I’m one of those cute fellas who needs a writing class or other form of deadline to spur me into finishing. I write everyday. Fiction, non-fiction, funny emails. I wrote that blog post yesterday. Did you catch it? That blog post had as clear a deadline as this one does. The rest of the time, I project hop. This one gets a page, this one gets a quick bit of editing, this one gets a sentence, this one is the reason why I decide to break for a snack.

I have some goodies. They deserve a chance at having lives of their own. There’s one contest with a judge who is an author who is gay whose book I admire. He won’t be reading all of the entries (screeners) but I hope that he will get a chance to read mine. And who knows. I’ve submitted to one already. Then I saw a shooting star and wished for the first prize money.

That reminds: the only ouch in the whole process really is the fee I have to pay out to each contest entry. While unemployment presents extra time to write, it also presents fewer opportunities to earn back the money that you just spent a couple of times last week driving out to Dallas to hang out with friends.

I have 9 days left.

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