The Making of Kid’s Book: Merpug

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All weekend, I worked on a kind of kid’s book for a friend’s b-day based on this story. After a few pages of sketching, I finally was satisfied with one version of this merpug. Then I couldn’t really draw it again. So instead, I traced a dozen more like it. I tried to make its smile different though to give it different expressions.

Unfortunately, some of the other pugs have Prince Valiant hairstyles. I’m a little embarrassed for them.


See Yourself in a Fictional Character?

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Type: ENFP, The Advocate

Category: Idealists

Attributes: cooperative, energetic, bright

Typical Careers: consultants, reporters, politicians

In literature: ENFPs are likely to dabble in a ton of activities, excelling in many of them. They thrive on thrilling experiences and relationships, and their optimism makes them susceptible to deceit, like the romantic and skillful Edmond Dantès from “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Another perfect example is Brett Ashley from “The Sun Also Rises.”

Check the Huffington Post’s list of the fiction book characters associated with each personality type

The Perks of Returning to a College Coffee Shop

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Here I am sitting in a 24-hour coffee shop across from campus after my first day back in class.

The guy who just sat down at the table in front of me, facing me, used to be that annoying guy who professors began not calling on in class because he’d take the conversation off topic, then hold us hostage with his point-of-view. They’d actually make an exaggerated and clear arch with their heads and line-of-sight (if the class was large enough to get away with that) and he would lean to the right or left with his hand raised from the front row as if he believed the professor just hadn’t seen his hand raised. Each new semester, an ignorant professor would unwittingly green-light his aggressively argumentative self on us, unsuccessfully interrupting him while he shut people down before they could finish articulating their point.

He was an awkward blob of a guy with spray out of his mouth while yacking too and I probably only remember that because of his demeanor in classes.

But, clearly, dude met the gym because he’s completely UMPH now.

And who knew that this chiseled face was under that face that I remember?

Maybe he’s gay because he smiled at me (where was THAT smile?) when he looked my way and, also, because I remember this one time at a party when he really wanted to discuss a point I’d made in class. I walked away eventually from him, though, because he really just wanted to dominate the conversation.

But now he could totally domin—

Oh, two girls just walked up, one introducing him to the other as her boyfriend before kissing him and now he’s leaving, her hand in his.

He’s probably still a jerk.